A Restless Pixxxie

seeking answers

so hard to stay culturally relevant
i wonder what we were real events in age
just pure cosmic love and energies
color can be cynical, verbally abusive, arrogant, and oblivious

He’ll be what we should hear
I wonder if i’m trying to be what culture tells me
I wonder how many others wasted on the
judgements in Cheese

Savages on the Subjects

I felt like I remember
honey, i hope I wrote my thoughts on canvas
cleaning up, living longer, and actually running
better be making the one

Are these people
painting my thoughts on canvas today

The Elemental Spheres

Experimental / Psychedelic / House / Goa / Trance

A newly hired alien must come to terms with finding a human for the alien species to experiment on. Meanwhile, the aliens consciousness thinks what their species is doing is immoral. However, The Elemental Spheres must rely on these experiments to survive. 

A work in progress


Put this together


Put this together

(via barefoot-vegan)

drumnbass I wrote today.. I’m still working on mastering/mixdown.. It’s alot more difficult than it looks.